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              Welcome and thank you for checking out Big Tony's Chopp Shop, Florida's number one custom motorcycle manufacturer and dealership specializing in new and pre-owned custom motorcycles. Our main purpose is building and or rebuilding the nations baddest custom motorcycles that ship all over the world. We also specialize in production bike remodeling, restoration and specialized custom motorcycle repair.  We are a federally licensed and N.A.D.A. listed manufacturer issuing titles with our bikes, which means easy registration, bank financing and hassle free insurance coverage.  These bikes pictured are some examples of our latest in big wheel bikes from our low cost entry models to our all out radical and extreme signature models (extreme models for the tall rider) and our latest in performance driven single sided street fighters and rubber-mount cruiser models. We pre-fabricate our sheet metal chassis so all you have to do is pick your motor, color, wheels and the skin on your seat allowing 90 day build times. We take pride that our bikes use 100% made in America parts (as it should be). With Hundreds of hours going into these bikes to make them truly beautiful, flawless, wireless and ridable works of art.

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As an added bonus to our customers you can now purchase our bikes direct from the factory and dealership right here in sunny Florida. Our bikes speak for themselves, and I urge you to compare us to any other custom motorcycle manufacturer/builder out there in quality, fit and finish to cost. Then ask for a list of parts used and if they are all made in America. We take pride in providing a build sheet of every part that goes into these machines and who makes them either by us or by our vendors, we guarantee every part is manufactured in The U.S.A. and that means quality. We refuse to lower our standards to save a penny by using inferior Korean/Chinese parts. Cheaper doesn't always mean your getting a better deal. You get what you pay for these days, so be careful how you spend your hard earned money. Our reputation is flawless like our bikes.

Want one built like you want? We also do one off designs to build to your specifications and vision. We can build to your budget from entry rigids to high end softtails, custom sheet metal, hidden wiring and all the buttons and lights you would find on any street bike. From pro street to street fighter, mild to wild, any rake, any stretch,  2.5 to 5 in. drop seats, air ride front and rear suspensions, any type of swing arm, any type of wheel and any size from 21-26 front wheels and 17-20 rear 260-360 wide, engines from 120-155 from Ultima, S&S and R&R (under 113 = slow ass bike, criminal in some states). Our bikes are built to ride, go fast and look bad ass (not always in that order). So if you don't like drawing crowds where ever you go, opening huge cans of whoop ass on other bikes at stop lights (love to see those crying faces) and taking first place trophy's at shows, then your on the wrong site and you should get back to your search for a run of the mill cookie cutter motorcycle.  -   Big Tony, owner

The Dawn "Don" of Perfection

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All sales are factory direct (dealing with Big Tony's Chopp Shop). All one-off sales questions should be directed to 1-708-203-2588.

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